Santa Sarah estate owns 40 hectare of land in the village of Goritza near Pomorie and Nesebar in the Southern part of the Black Sea. A new vineyard with a small and beautifully modern winery will be established there.

80% of Santa Sarah’s wine production is sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium and Holland.

Most of the 300 000 bottles annual production are the well-established Zar Simeon and Zar Simeon BIN 40 brands, produced each year exclusively for the German market. In 2003 Santa Sarah BIN40 Caberbet Sauvignon 2002 was awarded a "Grand diploma of honour" at the First internationally judged bulgarian wine show with chairwoman Jancis Robinson. Zar Simeon BIN 40 was awarded a Golden Medal at the MUNDUS VINI Competition in 2004 and 2006. At the same competition in 2007 Santa Sarah Chardonnay 2006 and Santa Sarah BIN 44 Sauvignon Blanc were awarded respectively a Gold and a Silver Medal. In 2008 Santa Sarah Privat 2006 was awarded a Bulgarian wine of the year in same named competition of Bacchus magazine. At the same competition Santa Sarah Snow wine Cabernet sauvignon 2005 was awarded a Best dessert wine of the year and Wine of "Elle" magazine. In 2012, the Santa Sarah BIN41 Merlot 2008 was awarded the prize "Grand Trophy"-the best wine in the Balkans in the first edition of the "Balkans international wine competition".

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